The Carbon Tax

Let’s get to the facts about a carbon tax.

In 2016, the Federal Government announced a federal benchmark for a carbon tax, which gave provinces and territories the flexibility to develop their own carbon pollution pricing system.

The federal government also committed to implementing a federal carbon tax in provinces and territories that request it or do not have a carbon pollution pricing system that meets the federal benchmark.

In other words, the carbon tax is not optional.

If Alberta does not implement a carbon tax, the federal government will implement a tax for us.

The NDP government introduced a made-in-Alberta plan to comply with federal policy and control the impact of a carbon tax on Albertans.

Carbon levy rebates protect low- and middle-income Albertans who spend a higher percentage of their income on energy costs and have fewer financial resources to invest in energy efficiency products. An estimated 60% of households will get a full or partial rebate.

Don’t believe UCP promises that they will kill the carbon tax – their solution will simply result in federal oversight on this issue.

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