Tax Cuts Mean Service Cuts

Promises of tax cuts for Albertans will necessarily result in service cuts - in health care, education and to first responders, to name but a few.

Why? Because Alberta is already spending too much and not collecting enough tax revenue. At a time that the province is running a $9 billion deficit, the government cannot afford to lose $800-$900 million in taxes, which would result from returning to a flat tax.

In 2018, the UCP voted to adopt a flat tax as part of its party platform. This happened in spite of the fact that in 2015 the Progressive Conservative government had abandoned the 10% flat tax in favour of a more progressive tax policy. Economists have warned that only incredibly wealthy Albertans would benefit from a flat tax.  In Alberta, this is the top 10% wage earners in the province; this is not fire fighters, teachers, nurses or other service providers. Read more.

A flat tax means fewer resources for essential services.

A flat tax means fewer services. Period.

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