Our Positions

Protecting Advances in Fire Safety

Jason Kenney has promised drastic cuts to Alberta’s per capital spending to ensure a balanced budget in three years. Jason Kenney has a deep desire to reverse many NDP policies.

What is Your Level of Human Capital?

You have to connect the dots. Jason Kenney recently mused about wage cuts for Albertans with a “modest level of human capital.”

Say Yes to Your Right to Earn a Living Wage

“Right to work” legislation is gaining momentum as a way to increase business profits. On the surface it sounds promising for the working men and women of Alberta – a promise of more jobs in service sectors.

Tax Cuts Mean Service Cuts

Promises of tax cuts for Albertans will necessarily result in service cuts - in health care, education and to first responders, to name but a few.

Keep Fire Fighters and Others Protected

Workplace injuries have the potential to profoundly impact workers' and employers' lives.

In September 2018, the Workers Compensation Board (WCB) of Alberta adopted new service standards to safeguard the integrity of services provided to Albertans who are injured on the job.

Keep Fire Fighters Protected

Fire fighters are at greater risk than the general public of being exposed to a variety of toxic or cancer-causing agents due to their exposure to burning buildings.