Keep Fire Fighters Protected

Fire fighters are at greater risk than the general public of being exposed to a variety of toxic or cancer-causing agents due to their exposure to burning buildings.

In fact, cancer rates among firefighters are between three and five times the rates among the general population, and they contract these diseases much earlier in life.

In September 2018, the Workers Compensation Board (WCB) of Alberta adopted new service standards, introduced by the NDP, to provide coverage to fire fighters for cancers that are linked to work-related exposures.

This coverage gives firefighters peace of mind that their families will be looked after should they succumb to this occupational disease.

The UCP has already mused about reversing WCB policies implemented by the NDP. This puts cancer coverage for fire fighters at risk.

Coverage for work-related cancer is integral to the well-being of fire fighters, who put their health on the line every day.

Protect the rights of fire fighters in Alberta. Stand with Fire Fighters for Alberta as we work to protect the WCB from rollbacks.

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