Keep Fire Fighters Protected

Fire fighters are at greater risk than the general public of being exposed to a variety of toxic or cancer-causing agents due to their exposure to burning buildings.

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Keep Albertans Safe

Workplace injuries have the potential to profoundly impact workers' and employers' lives. In September 2018, the WCB of Alberta adopted new service standards to safeguard the integrity of services provided to Albertans who are injured on the job.

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Tax Cuts Mean Service Cuts

Promises of tax cuts for Albertans will necessarily result in service cuts - in health care, education and to first responders, to name but a few. Why? Because Alberta is already spending too much and not collecting enough tax revenue.

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The Carbon Tax

The federal government committed to implementing a federal carbon tax in provinces and territories that request it or do not have a carbon pollution pricing system that meets the federal benchmark. In other words, the carbon tax is not optional!

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Can we count on you?

This type of information rarely gets news coverage – but is vital to know as we go to the polls this spring. Please share this information with your colleagues, friends and family.